5 Reasons to Feed Your Pet Premium Food vs. Supermarket Brands

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Hey, pet lovers –we get it. Picking the right pet food can be a chore, especially since there are so many different options out there! While it can be tempting to just grab that bag of supermarket cat or dog chow on your next shopping trip, here are 5 reasons why you should feed top quality, premium food to your furry friend instead.

Better source of nutrients

Premium foods use higher quality protein sources such as meats and poultry products, instead of wheat, gluten, soy or bone meal. It’s definitely true that some ingredients are better for our pets than others; our pet’s bodies won’t have to work as hard to digest a higher quality diet to extract the nutrients they need,  so they’ll thrive (instead of simply just survive) on the excellent nutrition a premium diet provides for them. In addition, a diet that’s more easily digested helps your pet have smaller, firmer poops, making clean up less time-consuming for you.

Less Expensive, Long Term

Although premium diets are more expensive to purchase up front, you should consider the fact that your pet may not need to eat as much of higher quality pet foods, because the nutritional value per kibble is much higher than with a poorer quality brand. In fact, the daily cost of feeding a premium vs. a lower quality supermarket brand is often significantly lower, saving you money over time!

Better Looking Pets

Have you ever compared how you look and feel on a great diet versus one that’s made up of junk food? Cats and dogs feel better, have more energy, and have a shinier, softer coat on a premium diet.

Healthier Pets

Sure, supermarket foods aren’t going to cause major nutritional deficiencies for your pet, but is a ‘good enough’ diet really what you want to be feeding to your best friend? Premium pet foods skip all those unnecessary colours, flavours or preservatives, instead focusing on providing the right sources of important nutrients for your pup. Premium companies also tend to use ingredients (like neutraceuticals, antioxidants and bio-available fatty acids)  that provide extra support to your pet’s immune system, joint function and gastrointestinal tract, which can help decrease the effects of digestive, skin, and allergy issues. Can anyone say ‘lower vet bills’?

Safer for Your Pet

Many high-quality food companies are especially careful when it comes to the safety of our furry friends, using quality control to test ingredients for contaminants, and organic or human-grade ingredients to keep our cats and dogs safe from pesticides and other additives.

Premium foods may definitely seem like a bigger expense for pet owners at first, but the benefits to your pet truly pay off in the long run; a healthier cat or dog, less waste to clean up, and lower costs for vet bills. Wouldn’t pet owner agree?

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